Thursday, October 13, 2011

Swirled Roses with Mini Polka

Hello everyone! I apologise for the lack of updates. Work + studies have been really crazy. End of the year is always a killer period for teachers. Makes it much worse now that I am studying and exams are in November. Will probably be hibernating during that period. =(

Anyway, here's a design I did for my mum quite a while ago.

Realised that the picture does not do justice to the design at all! The picture is a little too dark ya? But bear with it. (:

Base colour used was Sparrow Me The Drama from the Pirates Collection. I used the big toe as an accent nail. I painted the white with OPI's Alpine Snow and lined it with Art Club's silver striper. The swirled roses were done with pink and red acrylic paint while the leaves were painted with light and dark green. I like this design on the whole! Looks very delicate and lady like. Gives a very princess-y feel! I wanted to add some rhinestones or bullion beads but mum hates those! She always says its a waste to put it on her toes as she feels very "sayang" to wash it away. hhahaha. I'd love to do this design on fingers!

Halloween is coming! Maybe I should find time to do some halloween designs. =)

On a side note, I find it very unprofessional for others in this line to promote their services at the expense of bringing others down. On the surface, they openly claim that it is for the benefit of their customers. But honestly speaking from a business perspective, they are just trying to promote more business for themselves. So selfish and unprofessional I feel..