Saturday, January 29, 2011

Ready Stock

Hey ladies,

I have some ready stock on hand for now. It's under a link at the left hand side under "For Sale". Thought I'd post it here as well for those who have yet to see it. I only have 1 piece each, so grab them fast! Sms me at 94577783 or if you're interested. Thanks!

OPI Mrs. O'Leary's BBQ $12
Brownish Red
OPI Manicurist of Seville $12
Red Creme

OPI France – A Oui Bit of Red $12
Bright Red
OPI Bastille My Heart $12

OPI Royal Rajah Ruby $12

OPI Here Today... Aragon Tomorrow $12
Dark Green

OPI Russian Navy $12 *SOLD OUT*
Deep dark navy blue

OPI I'm Fondue Of You $12

OPI Dulce De Leche $12 *SOLD OUT*

OPI Eiffel For This Colour $12
Deep dark purple with shimmer

Poshe Nail Strengthening Basecoat $22

Poshe Top Coat $16

Poshe Base + Top coat bundle $35

Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat $18.90

Dotting Tool (set of 5) $14

Art Club Striper (black) $10

La Palm Mango Healing Therapy Lotion $4.90 (100ml)

Wednesday, January 26, 2011



I've revamped this website a little. Look towards your left <-- and you'll see several new links below I-Nail-It's logo. Thought that might be easier for everyone to navigate. I have added in new services as well, such as the OPI mani/pedi. Do take a look! There are also items for sale. Will be starting work on Monday, so I'll only be able to take in appointments on certain weekday nights or weekends. (:

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Singapore Poly Nail Art Event !

Hello all !!

I was invited by Min Yee over to Singapore Poly on the 17th-18th Jan to do up a nail art booth in collaboration with their project on Principles of New Media Marketing. It was truly a great experience. The SP business girls were really really nice! Some of them even did free advertising for me to their friends. Hahahaa. I don't know their names, if not I'd credit them here. If any of you SP girls are reading this, tag me at the left hand side or leave a comment at the bottom of this entry! (: Nevertheless, it was a great experience. At the end of the 2 days, I only had 1 word to describe how I felt - SHAGGED !!! Shagged with a smile though. It was a great sense of satisfaction seeing them walk away with happy nails. =DD Anyways, pictures speak louder than words. So... here it is !!

She requested for Mickey Mouse!! But mickey's head abit out of shape. Room for improvement!

This lovely wine colour always seem to complement white flowers so well. Pretty!

Aww.. Sweet! Felt quite apologetic actually. This girl requested for clouds. But I screwed it up. She was nice enough to settle for polka dots. Thank you! (I can't rmb your name. =D)

This seriously reminds me of the game - Othello! I love the contrast. Pastel pink (looks white in the picture) with black polka dots. Love it!

On Min Yee's nails! This is what she requested for. Alternating colours except for the thumb. The thumb is equally split into 1/2 of each colour with white flowers in the center. Something really unique.

I love this shade of pink!! Not too striking & not too light either. Somewhere near the colour of plum. This girl requested for one flower on her index finger. Should have taken a better shot. =/

And yet again! One of my favourite colours. Honestly, this colour looks so lovely by itself, with or without nail art. This girl requested for 1 flower too. Simplicity is beauty. (:

"You're very daring to try blue!" That's what I told this girl who did this design. One of my favourites for the day. I love the blue, and I love how the white polka dots bring out the blue even more. It's a simple design, but the colour combination is wonderful. I'm lovin' it!

This girl was really cute! She volunteered to paint her own nails so that I can paint her friend's nails. So all I did was paint the panda on for her. Hahaha. I asked her whether she wanted the panda to be looking at her or facing out and she said, "1 panda looking at me 1 panda looking at you lor!" Hahahah. I told her that I'd hire her to help me paint nails IF I expand my business. lol. Lovin' the panda-s.

THE colour. Once again. Can be the polish of the day or something. Haha. This girl requested for 2 flower-ed fingers and a dott-ed finger. Cool~

All hail the dinosaur eggs~ Another personal favourite! It's a really different style from the usual black base with pastel dots or white base with striking dots. This girl said it looks like dinosaur eggs and I totally agree. Love this design!!

DISCO! Super funky. Black base with pastel coloured dots. Love how the colours stand out! This pic is not taken by me though. Not sure why some dots seem blurred. Lol.

Another Othello design. The white dots are not really visible in this picture. It looks much nicer in real with the white and black dots!

Hello Minnie! This is sucha cute design. It reminds me of Minnie Mouse and reminds me of Mario too. Nostalgiaaaaa~

This girl requested for pastel purple base & 2 rows of white dots. Sucha sweet design~

Another personal favourite! I love how this girl was daring enough to try 2 totally different designs on all her fingers. And she carried it off really well! I'm lovin' it!

This girl requested for pastel mint green with 2 paw print designs on navy blue. Looks black but isn't. Only managed to do 1 paw on each finger. Meowwwww~

Didn't manage to take a good enough picture for this girl cause I was really in a rush and mummy took the picture for my instead. Many others were waiting for their turn. She went for a simple flower design on both thumbs. Sweet!


To me, the SP event was a great success. It was definitely much better than I expected it to be. SP business girls if you're doing this, please feedback how you felt the manicure session was and how you felt I was! You can do so through the comment box after this entry or through the tagboard on the left hand side. It'd be a big encouragement to me. With regards to your OPI orders, I've sent in the orders already and I hope it'll arrive soon! Will contact you all again once it arrives. Thanks so much for the enjoyable 2 days at SP !!

Valentine's Day Special

~Love is in the air~
All you guys out there!
Want to give your girl the perfect surprise this Valentine's?

Contact me now @ or 94577783 ! (:
I can design a customized package specially for your date!
Are you thinking flowers?
Teddy bears?
Packaged with your girl's favourite shades of OPI polishes?
No problem!
Think no more! Call now!
Will be posting a sample pretty soon. Stay tuned!!!
Offer ends 7th Feb!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Hey Lovely Ladies!!

Due to the overwhelming response at Singapore Poly's nail art event, I won't be able to take in anymore orders for Spree 2 as I'm closing tonight. Hope to open spree 3 soon! Stay tuned!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

OPI Spree #1 closed, OPI Spree #2 opening soon!

Hello ladies!

Spree #1 is closed !!!!

But don't fret. You can continue sending in your orders to cause I plan to open Spree #2 really really soon !!

1-2 bottles of O.P.I goes at $12 each but if you're ordering 3 bottles and above, you get to enjoy an exclusive rate of only $10 per polish !!! The prices stated are only for OPI polishes with the black caps. Designer series goes at 20 per bottle. Do also note that there are a few discontinued series already, such as Burlesque & Shrek. When you send in your orders, indicate a few alternatives for me. Just in case the polish you want is discontinued already, I'll replace it with your alternative.

I also have limited stocks of Poshe base + top coat bundling at 35 per pair. Really good buy!
While stocks last!!

I'm posting up the postage charges for you once again. (:


Postage Rates:
Normal Postage:
1 bottle: $1.50
2-3 Bottles: $2.50
4-7 Bottles: $3.50
8 bottles onwards: $4 (8th bottle) + $0.50 per extra bottle

Registered Postage:
Normal Postage + $2.24
Eg: $1.50 + $2.24 = $3.74


The minimum number of bottles for Spree #2 will be capped at 40 bottles. So if I'm unable to reach that amount, the spree will not take place successfully. Play your part and get all your friends to take part in the spree ! =D Don't forget to order more too since CNY is coming !! I sell La Palm's Healing Therapy Lotion as well. You can get it from me if you're interested. (:

**Important Note: I'll only proceed your orders once I receive your payment successfully.
Hope you understand. (:

Enjoy your Sunday lovely ladies! (:

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Poshe base + top bundle promotion!

Hey all !!

There's a special bundle promotion for poshe base coat and top coat!

Strengthens nails
Promotes hardness
Fast drying
Can be used for pregnant & breastfeeding mothers
Each pair is going at $35
(u.p. base coat at $22 & top at $16!!)
Hurry get yours now !!!

While stocks last !!!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

O.P.I Spree !!

O.P.I SPREE #1 !!!!

Hey! I'm opening up an O.P.I spree @ 10 bucks per bottle (those with black caps!!) Have ready stock, subject to availability. Credits to for swatches. (:
*I'll only order for you once payment is transferred to my account.*


Send me an email at in this format:

Name of Polish:
Item Code:
Collection Type: Normal, Registered or meet up
Your Name:
Contact Number:
Mailing address:

Postage Rates:
Normal Postage:
1 bottle: $1.50
2-3 Bottles: $2.50
4-7 Bottles: $3.50
8 bottles onwards: $4 (8th bottle) + $0.50 per extra bottle

Registered Postage:
Normal Postage + $2.24
Eg: $1.50 + $2.24 = $3.74

1. OPI Katy Perry Collections
 (with Black Shatter Crackle Polish! Arriving next week, but you can keep your orders coming in and I'll place a reserve order for you.)

Last Friday Night

Not Like The Movies

Teenage Dream

The one that got away

O.P.I Black shatter over Last Friday Night

OPI Black Shatter over Not like the movies

OPI Black shatter over Teenage Dream

OPI Black shatter over the one that got away


2. Serena Williams Grand Slam Collection

 Simply Smashing

OPI Black Shatter over Simply Smashing

3. OPI Go Goth Mini Set for Halloween






4. OPI Swiss Collection Fall 2010

Color So Hot It Berns

Cuckoo for this color

Diva of Geneva

From A to Zurich


I'm Suzi & I'm A Chocoholic

Just A Little Rosti At This

Lucerne-tainly Look Marvelous

Ski Teal We Drop

The Color To Watch

William Tell Me About OPI

Yodel Me On My Cell


5. OPI Soft Shades for 2010

Isn't That Precious?

I Think In Pink

It's A Girl



6. OPI Summer Flutter Collection Summer 2010

Catch Me In Your Net

 Flit A Bit

 Flower To Flower

Wing It

Chopsticking to my Story

Dim Sum Plum

Hot and Spicy

Jade is the new Black

Lucky Lucky Lavender

Meet Me on the Star Ferry

Panda-monium Pink

Pearl of Wisdom

Red My Fortune Cookie

Suzi Says Feng Shui


I'm sure there are many more OPI colours, here are some swatches from If you have other colours feel free to email me and i'll check the availability for you. (: