Sunday, January 16, 2011

OPI Spree #1 closed, OPI Spree #2 opening soon!

Hello ladies!

Spree #1 is closed !!!!

But don't fret. You can continue sending in your orders to cause I plan to open Spree #2 really really soon !!

1-2 bottles of O.P.I goes at $12 each but if you're ordering 3 bottles and above, you get to enjoy an exclusive rate of only $10 per polish !!! The prices stated are only for OPI polishes with the black caps. Designer series goes at 20 per bottle. Do also note that there are a few discontinued series already, such as Burlesque & Shrek. When you send in your orders, indicate a few alternatives for me. Just in case the polish you want is discontinued already, I'll replace it with your alternative.

I also have limited stocks of Poshe base + top coat bundling at 35 per pair. Really good buy!
While stocks last!!

I'm posting up the postage charges for you once again. (:


Postage Rates:
Normal Postage:
1 bottle: $1.50
2-3 Bottles: $2.50
4-7 Bottles: $3.50
8 bottles onwards: $4 (8th bottle) + $0.50 per extra bottle

Registered Postage:
Normal Postage + $2.24
Eg: $1.50 + $2.24 = $3.74


The minimum number of bottles for Spree #2 will be capped at 40 bottles. So if I'm unable to reach that amount, the spree will not take place successfully. Play your part and get all your friends to take part in the spree ! =D Don't forget to order more too since CNY is coming !! I sell La Palm's Healing Therapy Lotion as well. You can get it from me if you're interested. (:

**Important Note: I'll only proceed your orders once I receive your payment successfully.
Hope you understand. (:

Enjoy your Sunday lovely ladies! (:

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