Saturday, February 26, 2011

Teenage Dream's Back !!

Teenage Dream is back! Going at $15 $12 each.
Limited pieces only. Hurry get yours now!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

New Creations !

Today marked the last day of training for us at HQ. For those who don't know yet, my full time job is actually a preschool educator with MindChamps. Many customers often ask, "Why do you do such different things?! Teaching and nails don't link at all!" Well, we all have passion and interests. For me, teaching young children has always been my passion while doing nail art is my new found interest! (: Anyway back to the topic! We actually had 2 colleagues from Indonesia as MindChamps is opening a preschool in Indonesia. As a farewell gift for them, I did their nails free! In return, they promised me free lodging and food when I fly over. (:

Indrie gave me a challenge! I asked her what design would she like to have. She thought through the night and sms-ed saying that she wants a blue base with a pink jellyfish! I was so distracted in night class and instead of paying attention to human resource management, I started thinking about how to paint a jellyfish! It turned out better than expected and I was happy! I felt that it looked really different from the usual flowers and polka dots. It's not very clear from the picture, but there's green seaweed at the tip of the nails with the jellyfish, fish and bubbles. Looks so cute! The other fingers were just the seaweed and the fish. It's a new addition to my collection. (:

Rahil opted for butterflies. Something that I've never done before either. I felt that I didn't do sucha good job. But Rahil was amazed and fascinated. She was so happy with her nails that she was looking at them every 1/2 hour. Hahhaha. I'm glad that she really like her nails! And she was telling me that her daughter in Indonesia will be so excited to see her nails. This is the similarity between teaching and doing manicures. It's a joy just to be able to bring joy to others. (:

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

OPI Shrek Collection

Shrek's back due to popular demand!
Anyone interested ? (:

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


One of my customers smsed me that she received a broken black shatter opi polish. I was shocked to hear that because she opted for registered post and I was definitely very careful with it. I made sure that I bubble-wrapped it. Funny thing was, all other 4 bottles were in perfect condition except for the shatter. And it was in perfect condition when I posted it out to her. I knew very much how upset she was cause she has really been waiting for this and it ended up in disappointment. I called my supplier up and and he was nice enough to source it out for me from salons. You know who you are, big thanks to you. (: I managed to get another bottle for my customer. Though I couldn't give it to her for free cause it was Mr. Postman who wasn't careful, but I let to her at the price I got it for. So I really don't make a profit from this at all.

I'm not typing this down to let my readers have an impression that "wah better don't order from her. later ours break also how?" Not so much of that, but it serves more like a reflection for me. Accidents do happen. Despite me taking the necessary precautions of bubble wrap, writing that its fragile, accidents still happen. I'm glad she was appreciative of my gesture. And I was touched when she said, "I'm not blaming you. You didn't have to source it out for me, but you did." It made me feel very appreciated. And this is how customer service should be - to always deliver the best to my customers.

So to all readers out there, I seek for your understanding that accidents do happen, but no one expected it that way. And when things like that happen, your seller feels equally bad. Seriously. I was very upset and disappointed too when she told me the news. But now that I know I've tried my best to still get the shatter for her, I feel much better. (:

Monday, February 21, 2011

Price Revision

I've done a price revision on my nail rates. I've made it even cheaper so that it's even more affordable to every lady who seeks pretty nails. Plus, I really want to experience the feeling of doing nail art on different nail beds. Do refer to the navigation at the side for the new prices of manicures and pedicures. (:

Been really busy lately. With work, training, and night classes. That pretty much explains why I haven't been coming up with new designs. Will try to work on it as soon as I can. Found quite a number of nail art tutorials through youtube and I really wanna try doing those designs! Hope I can do it this weekend. (: Stay tuned!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Katy Perry Mini Collection

Instocks available. Limited sets. While stocks last.
If interested, sms 94577783 for more details.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

OPI Texas Spree


I'm open for OPI orders from the latest Texas Collection. Email your orders to if interested. Spree ends 18th Feb !!

Burlesque's Extra-Va-Vaganza


I managed to get this last lot of Burlesque's Extra-Va-Vaganza and I have it as ready stock. U.S will not be producing anymore polishes from the Burlesque collection so this is the last lot and it's limited stock. Going at 15 per bottle. Sms me at 94577783 if interested. While stocks last.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Katy Perry, Simply Smashing, OPI Texas

Hello all !

My Katy Perry orders has arrived! I do have some spare sets as instocks, let me know if interested. Have 1 extra set of Simply Smashing as well. Will be attaching the picture below. I'm interested in ordering the Texas Collection, but I got to buy the whole set and I'm quite hesitant about it. If you'd like to share the colours in the set, email me! We'll see if we're able to collate and make up an entire set. (:

Katy Perry Shatter Collection - $50 per set

OPI Serena Glam Slam - $30 per set
(Limited Edition!)

Texas Collection

Good news! Texas Collection has arrived! I'll be bringing instocks, so grab them while stocks last. Will post the colours up soon. Stay tuned!

Friday, February 4, 2011

My CNY Nails !

And it's finally my turn too! Reused the most popular CNY design on my own nails cause I really love it. It's bling, yet not too bling. Plus I really love how the sparkle-y glitter stands out from the pinkish base colour. Didn't want to go for the usual red with white flowers, so this was perfect. <3 Looks a bit bridal too don't you think? (:

Mummy's CNY toes

After waiting in the queue for so long, it's finally mummy's turn to do her toes! She wanted Malaga Wine ( yes again. haha.). I drew a full set of free hand white flowers for her. The main focus was on the big toes, while the rest had a couple of leaves and dots. The gold beads in the center of the flower brings out the CNY feel even more.

And yes, I definitely need to work on making it more symmetrical. But I do see my own improvement. My hands are more stable when I draw the flowers and they're looking better at each try. But there's no end to improvement! Mummy was sleeping when I drew her toes when she was amazed when she woke up! Glad she's lovin' it. (:


1 week before CNY, I promised my primary 2 cousin(Fhilis) that I'll do her nails for her during CNY, and told her to go home and think of a design that she wants to do. After our reunion dinner on the eve of CNY, Fhilis told me that she wanted ang pao nails! But because her nails are really small, I suggested painting an ang pao on each of her thumb while drawing flowers on the rest. She chose a light pink base with red ang paos and red flowers!

After painting her nails pink, I asked her what ang pao design does she want. She said she wants chinese words in the ang pao. She thought for a while on what words to write before deciding to have her chinese name - 妃丽 inside the ang pao.

This is my virgin try at chinese characters, but I think the end product was rather good! Well, at least the words are readable. Hahaha. I added gold dots along the edges of the ang pao as well. Fhilis commented that the flowers looks as though they are stickers. I was happy when she said that! Because if it looks like stickers, it means my drawing/painting skills has improved. Hhahaha. =D

Fhilis was so happy with her nails after everything was done. We were even jokingly saying that when we go bai nian, Fhilis should show her thumbs and say "hong bao na lai!" Hhhaahah!

Bling-Bling !

Shuyi and Michelle came to do both mani & pedi for CNY. They were 2 very cute girls, who kept thinking they were difficult customers cause they spent quite a long time at my place. Hahahah. They definitely brought a lot of joy as we talked and laughed through the nail session. (:

(pardon the "oily" look. just applied cuticle oil (: )

Shuyi didn't know what to do for her manicure, so I told her about the design of the previous customer (Sihui). She decided to give it a shot, but she wanted 1 finger to be different from the rest. I suggested adding a set of rhinestones on the french line of both ring fingers to make it stand out. It turned out really nice! It was different from the other fingers. Special, but didn't make it look weird or mismatched. A new design added to my profile. (:

Malaga wine once again! It looks nearly black in this picture, but it's probably the lighting. Still looks very red in real life. Shuyi went for white flowers on malaga wine. It was a breeze painting on her toes because she hardly has any cuticles! But I got to work harder on making the designs on both toes symmetrical. Need alot of improvement on that.

It was Michelle's turn to do her nails! She chose the same design as Shuyi. This design was a very popular design for the day. Probably because it's not too elaborate yet at the same time, it's very suitable for CNY. She kept asking Shuyi if it was alright if they had the same design. Hahaha. But Michelle chose a different colour combination.

Michelle chose a pinkish base topped with blue glitter and a line of blue rhinestones near base of the nail bed. Lovely design don't you think? Her nails were perfect for such a design because they were already rather long. This design further brings out the elegance and length of her nails. Lovin' it !

Michelle did her toes too! She thought of this design on her own. Credits to her! She was innovative enough to tell me she wanted an inverted nike sign, somewhat like a candy cane. And if you notice, when you imagine both toes to be together, it actually forms a heart. Interesting!

It was such a joy having these 2 ladies at my place. And not to worry! You 2 are not difficult customers! Hahaha. (:

Sparkle-icious, Malaga Wine, Color So Hot It Berns

Sihui brought her friend along to do an express mani for CNY and they were well-prepared! They knew what they wanted and even had the picture in their phone. Hahaha. Sihui chose a nude colour as the base colour topped with a glitter french with a sponging effect.

(Before I forget, credit to Sihui and her friend for the pictures in this post. As I had another customer after their appointment, I forgot to snap a picture of their nails. Thankfully, Sihui and her friend were nice enough to send me pictures of their nails!)

It looks A LOT more shiny and glittery in real life as compared to the picture. The glitter is actually from OPI's Burlesque Collection, which is already very shiny and bling on its own.

Sihui did an OPI pedi as well. She chose Malaga Wine for her base colour, which is indeed a very very lovely colour. It's a very nice dark shade of red, very suitable for the toes. 2-3 coats will give you a nice wine colour. I'm loving that colour as well! She chose to paint white flowers on her big toes and topped it up with rhinstones.

(I apologise for the blur picture!)

After Sihui was done with her mani & pedi, I proceeded with her friend's mani. Sorry I didn't get your name! So I got to keep addressing you as Sihui's friend. She chose a bright chilli red colour as the base and did white flowers on selected fingers. This design was taken off directly from one of my ready made designs, just that it was altered slightly and she chose to top it up with rhinestones as well.

It was a joy doing their nails and I look forward to seeing them again. (:

Alternating Pink

Charlotte came over to get her nails done for CNY. It was really interesting as she opted for alternating colours for her mani! It was a sweet combination of pink & purple, giving a very girly look for CNY.

Charlotte wanted a simple flower design as well on selected fingers. Topped it with rhinestones and she was all ready for CNY! (:


Just a week before CNY, I painted my nails pink. I love this particular shade of pink! It isn't really hot pink, more of a purplish type of pink. When I woke up the next day, I was bored of it already and decided to spice it up with some dots!

The usual Val will probably use plain white dots on a pinkish base. But I wanted to be different this time round! Used a combination of baby blue & white dots instead, and the effect turned out to be better than how I expected it to be! The index and ring finger turned out to be my favourite, cause they look like a zigged zagged design. Lovin' it!