Friday, February 4, 2011


1 week before CNY, I promised my primary 2 cousin(Fhilis) that I'll do her nails for her during CNY, and told her to go home and think of a design that she wants to do. After our reunion dinner on the eve of CNY, Fhilis told me that she wanted ang pao nails! But because her nails are really small, I suggested painting an ang pao on each of her thumb while drawing flowers on the rest. She chose a light pink base with red ang paos and red flowers!

After painting her nails pink, I asked her what ang pao design does she want. She said she wants chinese words in the ang pao. She thought for a while on what words to write before deciding to have her chinese name - 妃丽 inside the ang pao.

This is my virgin try at chinese characters, but I think the end product was rather good! Well, at least the words are readable. Hahaha. I added gold dots along the edges of the ang pao as well. Fhilis commented that the flowers looks as though they are stickers. I was happy when she said that! Because if it looks like stickers, it means my drawing/painting skills has improved. Hhahaha. =D

Fhilis was so happy with her nails after everything was done. We were even jokingly saying that when we go bai nian, Fhilis should show her thumbs and say "hong bao na lai!" Hhhaahah!

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