Monday, January 16, 2012

Gelish: Polka Dot Lace

My colleague's daughter, Lee Yee came over with a friend to get her nails done for CNY. I was so happy when I saw the length of her nails and I said to her, "These are nails every manicurist love painting!" She asked, "Why?" And I replied, "Cause they are long and easy to paint!" Nevertheless, that doesn't mean I turn away those with short nails okay. (:

She opted for Gelish Queen of Hearts and initially wanted to draw flowers on them. However, after seeing her friend's pedi, she decided to do the same design with a different colour scheme!

The thumbs and the ring fingers were the accent nails while the rest just had polka dots on them. I suggested doing that as having the focus design on every nail would make it too overwhelming.

She was really nice to send me pictures of her nails when she reached home~ (:
This set costs $32 inclusive of Gelish, Nail art and extra Gelish top coat.

Gelish: Queen of Hearts

Got a couple of new Gelish colours the other day from PNC, and one of them was Queen of Hearts. It is a gorgeous red with shimmer, a very royal colour! Reminds me very much of Queen Elizabeth or Princess Diana when I saw the colour. Since Mum was flying off to NZ for my cousin's wedding, and she wanted something that would last on her short nails, I suggested doing Gelish. Mum has always been in love with red, and she carries off red very well! Queen of hearts was a perfect colour for her, especially in this season of CNY as well.

Application was very good on this one. Extremely smooth and easy to apply. Cured well too. I see this as a popular colour for CNY. (:

CNY Designs!

I've begun my CNY appointments last week (more in the following post) and am fully booked next week! In this festive season, I believe most salons & home based are definitely fully booked. So customers, please be considerate and be on time for your appointments or it definitely affects the customer after you.

So anyway, I did a nail art wheel (incomplete) with several designs which I felt was suitable for the new year. Some were done based on Nail Venus while some adapted from Nail Max. I'm hoping to finish the entire wheel, but not sure if I have the time esp since my first appointment starts tonight. =/

Will be doing up Valentine's Day designs after CNY. Stay tuned!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Gelish: Party Like A Rockstar

Happy new year everyone! It's not a good new year for me at all. Am done with a bad flu and cough, been feeling so dizzy the minute I'm out of bed that I had to lie in bed almost the entire day. What a way to start the new year. =(

Nevertheless, I'm feeling slightly better now so I'd better post before it gets worse again. Shirley came over for a Gelish mani yesterday. Felt really apologetic towards her. We had to push our appointment time and time again because both our schedules couldn't meet. She's a really nice customer who tried so hard to fit both our timings together. (: Had a great chat with her during our mani session and found out that she's not the sort of lady who'd go for typical roses and flowers. She wanted something different.

After flipping through my nail mags, this is the design she picked.

Shirley wanted something rock. Here's my take on it. (:

As I felt that I didn't do a great job with the art, I charged her much lesser than how I'd charge when I perfect this set of art (esp the star on the thumb).