Tuesday, February 22, 2011


One of my customers smsed me that she received a broken black shatter opi polish. I was shocked to hear that because she opted for registered post and I was definitely very careful with it. I made sure that I bubble-wrapped it. Funny thing was, all other 4 bottles were in perfect condition except for the shatter. And it was in perfect condition when I posted it out to her. I knew very much how upset she was cause she has really been waiting for this and it ended up in disappointment. I called my supplier up and and he was nice enough to source it out for me from salons. You know who you are, big thanks to you. (: I managed to get another bottle for my customer. Though I couldn't give it to her for free cause it was Mr. Postman who wasn't careful, but I let to her at the price I got it for. So I really don't make a profit from this at all.

I'm not typing this down to let my readers have an impression that "wah better don't order from her. later ours break also how?" Not so much of that, but it serves more like a reflection for me. Accidents do happen. Despite me taking the necessary precautions of bubble wrap, writing that its fragile, accidents still happen. I'm glad she was appreciative of my gesture. And I was touched when she said, "I'm not blaming you. You didn't have to source it out for me, but you did." It made me feel very appreciated. And this is how customer service should be - to always deliver the best to my customers.

So to all readers out there, I seek for your understanding that accidents do happen, but no one expected it that way. And when things like that happen, your seller feels equally bad. Seriously. I was very upset and disappointed too when she told me the news. But now that I know I've tried my best to still get the shatter for her, I feel much better. (:

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