Thursday, February 24, 2011

New Creations !

Today marked the last day of training for us at HQ. For those who don't know yet, my full time job is actually a preschool educator with MindChamps. Many customers often ask, "Why do you do such different things?! Teaching and nails don't link at all!" Well, we all have passion and interests. For me, teaching young children has always been my passion while doing nail art is my new found interest! (: Anyway back to the topic! We actually had 2 colleagues from Indonesia as MindChamps is opening a preschool in Indonesia. As a farewell gift for them, I did their nails free! In return, they promised me free lodging and food when I fly over. (:

Indrie gave me a challenge! I asked her what design would she like to have. She thought through the night and sms-ed saying that she wants a blue base with a pink jellyfish! I was so distracted in night class and instead of paying attention to human resource management, I started thinking about how to paint a jellyfish! It turned out better than expected and I was happy! I felt that it looked really different from the usual flowers and polka dots. It's not very clear from the picture, but there's green seaweed at the tip of the nails with the jellyfish, fish and bubbles. Looks so cute! The other fingers were just the seaweed and the fish. It's a new addition to my collection. (:

Rahil opted for butterflies. Something that I've never done before either. I felt that I didn't do sucha good job. But Rahil was amazed and fascinated. She was so happy with her nails that she was looking at them every 1/2 hour. Hahhaha. I'm glad that she really like her nails! And she was telling me that her daughter in Indonesia will be so excited to see her nails. This is the similarity between teaching and doing manicures. It's a joy just to be able to bring joy to others. (:

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