Sunday, January 2, 2011

First Advertorial !


Hello I-Nail-It readers! Joycelyn, the lady who did pink roses on yellow on new year's eve was kind enough to post an advertorial for me on her blog. I'll paste it below; alternatively, you can visit her blog at to see the advertorial. I'm a happy happy girl! =D

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how did you spend your new year? i had a great time at butter with my lovely clique dancing the night away!(: It's a brand new year and since recently i've gotten my brows and hair done, alvin got me a new dress and wedges *squeals at pretty things*, i thought why not do my nails as well to welcome 2011! fresh year, fresh start! everything must be new! hahaha! 
this is my first experience doing a home based manicure at I-NAIL-IT!

Valerie, the manicurist was a pretty quiet and friendly young lady. i love quiet manicurists cus i just love to rest when im having manicure and not answering tons of their questions! besides, i have teevee companion thus i did not feel bored at all! she is located at clementi. it sounds really far from my place but to my surprise, the place wasnt difficult to locate at all! (: all it took was a 15-20 mins drive!

valerie was meticulous in painting and designing my nails albeit slightly nervous cus she's still an amateur to this. however, the end result was pretty good! she uses THE FACE SHOP nailpolishes thus her services are slightly cheaper than the rest. it cost only $2 per nail whereas manicure salon charges about $3 to $5 for a nail depending on design! whoever says cheaper range of nail polishes cant give you a result which is equally good? its time for a mindset change in 2011! teehee.

please ignore my short stubby fingers! hahaha. she painted the roses using acrylic colors petal by petal! it was really hardwork and patience, kudos to her cus i will never find that kind of steady perseverance in myself. 

i went to her with different length of nails :/ she had to shape all my nails to look equal and good to go for a great manicure! i have very dry and brittle nails and they break all the time, especially my first three fingers. valerie advised me to take a glass of milk every morning to build up calcium in order to strong and hardy nails! results are definately tested and proven, according to her! (:

boyfriend loves it too. he loves it when i have beautiful nails haha!
the cuticles remained because i didnt have time to do a classic manicure.. love the design nevertheless! the rough edges were caused by yours truly because im as usual, a klutz ):
by the way, i ended it off with my own essie matte!

it cost only $26 for my entire set of lovely nails including express manicure! (OMG! its super worth it, isn't it?) i save at least whopping 50%compared to manicure salons out there! i can totally do it TWICE here while only ONCE outside!

 i understand that most people might be apprehensive of home based nail salons as they feel that they might not be as professional. i used to have this mentality till i've tried valerie's services today and i definately have to beg to differ! also, i believe she will come out with a series every season since she had a variety for xmas and were mad cute!!! so sad i missed it ): if you have a design in mind, you can show her and she will try her best to do something for you along that line! (:

get your nails pampered for the upcoming CNY and VALENTINES! surprise your boyfriends with a lovely manicure. trust me, guys DO notice girls' nails as they feel that it plays an important role in her grooming! they do not say it but it cant be more true that they will be impressed if you have nicely groomed and painted nails, trust me! (:

visit her website at
you can leave a message at her tagboard if you are interested to have a manicure session with this lovely lady!

do note that this promotion only last till CNY! so hurry, get your slots with valerie soon!
do share with me your experience after you tried her services, dont be shy! (:

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