Saturday, March 19, 2011

Bow & Polka Dot Duo

Mummy got bored with her black shatter-ed toes and wanted me to re-do them. This time, she didn't request for any particular design, but gave me the discretion to do anything I wanted. She didn't look at it either, till the entire pedi was done.

She has had her fair share of floral designs, and I decided to try something different. I've always wanted to try drawing a bow, and this time I finally had the chance to! Chose a darker tone of pink as the base (I didn't use OPI this time round. It was a colour from TheFaceShop) and used white acrylic paint for the bow with black acrylic paint for enhancements and details. Added polka dots as well as "accompaniment" for the lonely bow. (: To end it perfectly, I topped it up with a big rhinestone in the middle of the bow.

I really really loved the end result. In fact, it turned out better than how I expected it to be. Looks really cute and retro. Reminds me of the 80's retro era with polka dot dresses and big bow hairbands. (: What do you think? Share with me your thoughts. (:

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