Monday, May 2, 2011

SJC Funfair 010511

The funfair at St. Joseph's Church yesterday was a blast! The church organized a funfair in conjunction with their 165th anniversary, and I took up a stall there since I'm from that church as well. The church will be undergoing renovation after next week, so all proceeds from the funfair will go toward the church's building fund.

My Primary 2 cousin, Fhilis, stayed over at my house on Saturday to help out on Sunday as well. Hence, I took the opportunity to use her as my model. Some of the designs were taken from and I tried them out.

Tadah !! Decided to try out designs that I've never tried before. Some are repeated cause I really couldn't think of 10 different designs at 9 in the night.

A closer view on her left hand. Featuring a few characters - the cow, bear (which turned out like a hamster), panda which I've done before during the Singapore Poly event, the minnie mouse ribbon and a simple flower. I really love the cow! It was the love of many parents at the funfair as well.

A closer view on her right hand. Featuring the usual polka dots, cupcake which I really love as well. The "cherry" wasn't suppossed to be so big! Somehow the OPI polish for that was exceptionally runny and it flowed down. Tried to rectify it and that was the best I could do. The heart, need to brush up on my outlining! The tree with clouds in the sky, wanted to add in the sand, but her nails are too small. Probably workable for adults. And the bumble bee! It looks opposite in the picture because of the angle I took the picture.

Business was really good! All my OPI were sold out. So were the mother's day packages and top/base coat bundles. Majority of my customers who did manicures were children! They were so cute. According to the parents who told me, in past years, their children would pull them to the game stalls. But this year, they pointed and said they only wanted to come to my stall to do their nails! Hhahha. All of their coupons went to their children's nails already. It was a waste that I didn't manage to take pictures of their nails cause many were queueing to get their nails done. If any of you have the pictures, do tag me in facebook!

Some parents approached me and asked if I do nails for children's parties and functions. Why not! Just call me. I'd definitely be more than happy to go if my time allows me to. It feels like a great joy to be able to integrate my job as a teacher into doing nails for children. I see a little link there now. (:

The children were really sweet. One of them even turned around to say thank you to her mummy for giving her the money to paint her nails. It's a joy to paint for children. Will want to do it more in future!

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