Thursday, June 9, 2011

Roses & Springtime

Miss Mary came over on Wednesday to change her nail design before going for her Genting trip today. She brought He Laoshi along too! (He laoshi's my ex-colleague who was my partner when I was teaching in my previous school. A really nice lady. (: )

I showed them my nail mags and they had a hard time deciding! Spoilt for choice. Hahha. I did He Laoshi's nails first. She picked a nail design from the magazine and I tried to replicate it. Was quite disappointed with the pictures. It doesn't do justice to the design! Looks A LOT better in real life. My Canon camera was flat, so I had to use the Olympus one.

He Laoshi wanted this particular shade of pink polish, so she brought it from along with her. It's from TheFaceShop, not the usual OPI range that I use. But the application was still manageable. I was quite worried at first because some of my faceshop polishes became rather streaky after a while. But it turned out well. (: On the index and ring fingers, I covered half of the nail with black acrylic paint by painting it diagonally to give a contrast with the pink. I then swirled roses with pink and white. On the middle finger, I created a half moon design before swirling roses with black and white. On the thumb and pinkie, I just swirled roses as the nails on her thumb were rather short. I painted the leaves with green acrylic paint before lining the "partitions" with my silver striper polish.

Miss Mary couldn't design what to do! She said, "Okay I choose this colour. You can do anything you want!" The colour she chose was 'Who The Shrek Are You' from OPI's Shrek Collection. It's a really nice shade of green, that is striking yet not flourescent kinda striking. A very pleasant shade of green in fact. It's one of my favourites too!

Since the polish was rather striking, I decided on drawing white flowers for her with acrylic paint before outlining it with black acrylic paint. Lastly, I added random swirls and dots to make it look more natural. I was really happy with the end product! Miss Mary showed off to He Laoshi and said, "You see! My nails longer... can draw nicer lor.." Hahaha..

They were so cute! Miss Mary suggested holding my name card and doing free advertising for me. See the gimmicks they came up with.

I sure had a fun time painting their nails. It was a night of laughter. That's how manicure sessions should be - light hearted and relaxed. (:

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