Saturday, December 31, 2011

Gelish: Christmas Snowflakes

Corinne, a really sweet customer of mine came over to get her nails done for Christmas! She bought pies for my family and I and even prepared a Christmas present for me. Such thoughtful customers never fail to make my day. (:

The very first time I met her, she was so fascinated by the snowflake design! I told her that it was a Christmas design that I did last year for my mum and she said that she would wait for Christmas this year to get it done.

Finally... the wait is over!

I used Gelish: After Dark for the base and sponged on white for a snowy effect. The snowflakes were drawn with white acrylic paint.

Corinne was in love with the snowflakes and requested for them on her toes as well! The base I used was OPI: Royal Navy topped with ChinaGlaze: Fairy Dust. Honestly, there is no difference whether or not you do Gelish on your toes since regular polish lasts relative long for a pedicure. Hence, I suggested doing a regular pedi for her toes.

It always feels nice to do Christmas designs in this season of giving. But I'm sure my snowflakes can be further improved. (:

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