Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everyone! Last week was a terrible week for me. I was down with severe gastric flu and couldn't eat solid food for a week. Things got so bad that I was nearly admitted into the hospital. Spent last week drinking 100 plus as my only source of food. But thankfully, everything's fine now. The bug is in the air so do be careful ya. (:

This week, my mum wanted a set of Easter nails to compliment the spirit of Easter. When I think of Easter, I think of Easter bunnies, easter eggs, Cadbury chocolate eggs! It's funny cause I've been attending Church since I was a baby, and never once were rabbits or bunnies mentioned during Easter. Mum said it was probably "man-made" since bunnies were never really a Christian symbol of Easter. Nevertheless, I thought it'd be fun to replicate that on her nails.

I google-d for inspiration and the bunny was the cutest of what showed up. I didn't save the picture, but basically, I replicated exactly the same way as how the original looked, just that the original was done on fingernails and every nail had that bunny. That was impossible on mum's toes since the other toes (apart from her big toe) are too small and I personally felt it was too overwhelming. Hence, we decided to have what reminds me of easter eggs on the rest. She didn't peep at all while I was doing the design and had a pleasant surprise when she looked at it. (:

May this Easter bring you and your family gratitude and a thankful heart.
Happy Easter! (:

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