Sunday, January 13, 2013

Angel Pro Gelly Polish Tutorial

It has been a fantastic journey ever since I've embarked on gel polish. It's convenient, dries instantly, and fuss free! I've been sticking to Gelish for quite a while now and it has been serving me well. However, I've also begun to realise the fading of certain colours, such as Princess Tiara and the pinks from the Breast Cancer Awareness collection. As such, I began to look around for other reputable brands in the market and that was when I was introduced to Angel Pro Gelly Polish.
I made my way down to The Pink Room International Nail Academy, Angel Pro's official nail distributor in Singapore to find out more and was thrilled when I saw the range of colours offered by Angel Pro! Out of curiosity, I got a few bottles to try.
I was amazed at the consistency of the polish. It maintained its shine even after 3 weeks and removal was extremely convenient since no filing was required. I made a second trip back to The Pink Room International Nail Academy to purchase more colours. I used Angel Pro through the Christmas season and it was fantastic for nail art.
Here's a tutorial for all my readers to show you how easy and fuss free Angel Pro Gelly Polish application can be:


Step 1: Apply a layer of Angel Pro Gelly Base on nails after prepping them.
Step 2: Cure nails in a professional UV lamp for 1-2 minutes or 30secs under a LED lamp.
Step 3: Apply a layer of Angel Pro Gelly Polish of your choice.
Step 4: Cure.
Step 5: Apply a second layer of Angel Pro Gelly Polish if required.
Step 6: Cure.
Step 7: Apply a layer of Angel Pro Gelly Shine for long lasting shine. Cure.
Step 8: Clean the nail with cleanser and a lint free cotton pad to remove the sticky residue on the nail surface.

Done! Your nails are ready to last 3 weeks with long lasting shine.