Friday, December 17, 2010

A Try on Pastel Colours

Bought some new pastel-coloured nail polishes the other day from The Face Shop. I hardly use light colours on myself, in fact I'm very accustomed to using dark colours with light decorations on top. However, I've come to realise that pastel colours are really sweet colours and they bright out a gentle look.

Starting from the left... ...

The heart looks pretty cute! This design reminds me a lot about relationships. Love was never meant to be perfect, just like how I didn't manage to paint the heart to perfection. But just as long as we never quit trying, things will get better. It's a simple design, but I like the combination of colours and how it reminds me of Valentine's day! (: The yellow design reminds me of batik painting! I saw this design online the other day and gave it a try. The design I saw used a brown base with yellow and orange dots. I don't have brown nail polish, so I swapped the colours around! A brown base will give out a more batik feel though. Will try it when I get brown nail polish! The middle design is my top voted design of the year! My first try at this design, but I really love it. It's a really sweet design. 100% handpainted ! I love this particular shade of green nail polish. More towards a pastel green. Did a simple design on this as I felt that the emphasis should be on the colour of the nail polish and not the design. The purple is something probably very similar to my past designs from the floral series.

All in all, a great day achieved ! (:


  1. Hi Valerie,

    Were you by any chance referring to this batik design at ? :D

    I too tried to look for brown polish at TheFaceShop, but they didn't have any, so I ended up getting China Glaze Chocodisiac instead. CG is a good and still very affordable alternative to OPI, and widely accepted as a professional salon quality polish, but can be found for as low as S$8 if you know where to get it!

    Anyway, good luck with your home service! I've been to this site a few times and your designs are getting better and better. :D

  2. Hello!

    Yes! That was the one I was referring to! I wanted to credit the website, but I couldn't track it back already. Hope you didn't mind. (: And hope my rendition of your original is good too. Hahaha.

    I've heard of China Glaze and I do know of forums that let it out at 8 bucks per bottle. Will consider it if I go abit further. Heh.

    Thanks for your encouragement! It really means alot to me considering that I'm still a newbie in this. Do help me to like the page ya. And hope to see you here more often! (:

  3. Heh I didn't do it with batik in mind actually, but ended up looking a bit batik-ish... nah, it's alright. I think your version is different and has its own "flavour". When you switch the colours around, it often creates different effects. I think it would look really sweet in a pink/white/brown combi!

    I'll link you up on my page. Jiayou!

  4. yeah! i agree with what you said. sometimes the same design gives out a very different "feel" when we experiment with different colour combinations. Thanks for linking me up! I don't have any link bar at the side for now. But I will link you up when I have it. Hahaha. I said hi on your website too. (:

    Hope we get to exchange pointers someday. Saw you're selling cg polishes. What's the pricing like?