Monday, March 7, 2011

Tweety Nails!

Karen and her mum Jayne came over to have their pretty nails done. Jayne opted for the Princess Classic Pedicure while Karen went for the Princess Express Manicure. I did the usual for the Princess Classic with my magical korean scrub which I absolutely adore. Haha. Jayne wanted a lighter colour, somewhere towards the natural side. I shortlisted a few for her. Karen preferred OPI's Passion, but Jayne chose OPI's Barefoot In Barcelona in the end. (:

Then, it was Karen's turn! She said she finally understood how Michelle felt when she came for her mani/pedi session. Hahah. Just for reader's info, Michelle is actually a customer of mine who came by during CNY to get her nails done. Karen happens to be her classmate and Michelle recommended me to her. Thanks Michelle! (:

Karen had a hard time choosing a colour too! Spoilt for choice I guess. (: I suggested going for something daring that she has never tried before since she's not going for nail art. She decided to go for Precision's The Next "It" Girl. Really nice colour! I'm gonna try it on my own nails too. (: She felt that it looked like Tweety or a bunch of french fries. Hahaha. Lovely ladies. Hope to see them again.

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