Sunday, November 27, 2011

Inspirations: Nail Max, Nail Up

My accounting paper marked the end of another semester. It was quite a tough paper for me. Though I attempted the questions, but I'm not 100% confident about it. Nevertheless, it's over and it's now time to enjoy!

Since it was a morning paper, I was excited to rush home and work on my nail wheel with more designs! These 3 designs were done quite a while ago.

Not perfect definitely. But who is? What matters is to never stop trying. (:

Continued on with these designs and was happy to have completed half of my nail wheel! Designs were taken from various Nail Max and Nail Up magazines. For now, I'm only trying to replicate designs that I see from these mags. Definitely not capable of coming up with my own designs as yet. I'm actually very interested to do these designs on actual nails. So... if you have long nails and you're willing to lend me your nails to work on my nail art, do leave me an email at! As I'm keen on practising these designs, I will be offering them at promotion prices. Email me for more details.

Worked on a Gelish French Manicure this afternoon. Wayyyyyyy from perfection. No pictures cause it's not up to standard yet. Hope to be trying more of it! You'll probably hear me doing french manicures over and over on my own fingers. =p

Christmas is around the corner. Will be doing up some christmas designs. For those who are still not aware, we're open for Xmas bookings already. Email be if you're interested! Will be offering nail services in the evenings from 7-9pm. I'll be opening up bookings for CNY pretty soon too. Stay tuned! (:

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