Saturday, February 4, 2012

Gelish: Roses & Polka

Wendy used to order OPI Polishes from me when I was holding sprees for them in the past. Ever since I introduced Gelish into my service menu, she expressed interest in it and finally got a chance to try it for Chinese New Year.

We used Gelish Make A Difference from the limited Breast Cancer Awareness Edition for the base. Art was done with acrylic paint.

Her accent nail on her thumb was a design she picked from one of my nail art wheels. I had previously done this on my mum's toes, but with a different colour scheme. I suggested leaving that design as an accent nail and not on every finger as it'd definitely look too much. We settled for polka dots and rose bouquets on alternate fingers.

Definitely a wearable nail art! Very sweet looking. In actual fact, I told her she could leave it on till Valentine's Day. =p

Wendy contacted me again recently to book an appointment for her gelish removal and another set of Gelish + nail art for Valentine's Day. Since she has had her Gelish manicure for about 2+ weeks now, we had a short chat about the durability and wearability of her Gelish mani and she gave it 10/10!

This is a picture she sent me after having it on for 2+ weeks.

As you can see, apart from her nail growth, the design is still perfectly in place. The thing I love about Gelish is that the shine stays even after weeks of polishing. According to Wendy, she was pretty rough with her nails and yet it managed to stay so well, apart from a little chip at the side of her thumb.

I was extremely satisfied with the fact that the design managed to stay. When I first began experimenting with Gelish, the art would fade after a couple of days, especially when I used acrylic paint. But customers of late has been telling me that their art manage to stay through the weeks of Gelish! This gives me extreme satisfaction. (:

On a side note, I am considering implementing a deposit system for new customers. Am very tired of having customers giving me last minute notice and worse of all, just not coming without informing. What do you think?


  1. I love these nails, very Cath Kidston.

  2. This is sooo cool! Love them! I cannot find how to follow your blog?

  3. Thank you! You can follow by entering ur email address at the right hand side under "Enter your email for free subscription". (: